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InterContinental Open University for Global Change (IOUGC) is a private, autonomous school which has a distinctive focus, to share the learning of our honorary faculty through Open and distance learning, in the academic areas of Business, Environment and climate change studies, social development and information and communication technologies. At IOUGC, we believe in cultivating and nurturing partnerships with like minded institutions, while sharing our strengths. 

Our Programs are delivered through online and independent study mode, which is now a well recognized method of educating people. United States,Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa and India have millions of people studying through open and distance learning. The difference is that our focus is on global change, in whatever little way we can, by educating, advocacy, organizing symposiums and empowering people. Please have a glance on our programs, mentioned on the "programs" page. We are also offering free doctorate level program, another "first" initiative launched by us .